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AmmoRoom is a 2d, top-down, shoot-em-up, bullet hell game. The objective is to kill 1000 enemies. WASD to move, left mouse button to shoot.

In AmmoRoom, your ammo is also your life, so don't run out. You can pick up ammo upgrades that drop from special enemy types. Max out the upgrades and spend ammo judiciously to make it to the end. Good luck!

This is the first game that I have completed. It is a ludumdare37 submission. I worked from Saturday at noon to Sunday night. I used GameMaker Studio 2 Beta. I would love to spend another weekend making some more adjustments, but I am pretty happy how it came out. You can follow me @HazmatPajama

Update (12-15-2016): fixed a bug where the player would get stuck at the edge of the screen and added a small border around the screen.


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